Wow! That is how I felt after our reopening last Sunday! I had prayed and sought Godly counsel and we did all that was humanly possible to make it a safe/healthy reopening. We had family tables set up with at least six feet between those tables and we asked all who wanted to wear masks to do so. Some did so and some did not! As I said on Sunday, some folks have not taken this COVID-19 pandemic seriously and some have gone over the top in fear. Most of us are somewhere in the middle not knowing for sure what to believe or what to do and not do. The one thing that I told the church is  that folks around us will remember how we responded during these days. What others remember about us is more important than we think. 

With that in mind I told the church that folks around us will remember;

  1. How much we trusted God!

  2. How well we took care of each other!

  3. How God provided for us!

  4. How much extra attention we gave them with our extra time!


Things may never go back to the way they were some 90 days ago but we will remember for the rest of our lives how we responded. Join me living with purpose even during these pandemic driven days.


With that in mind I found that folks were blessed in may ways when worshiping at home so I have decided that for now on we will call all 5th Sundays “Family Worship At Home” For the remainder of 2020 that will mean May 31st and

August 30th will be Worship at home Sundays!


I also want to remind you all that for now we will not be serving any donuts or drinks on Sundays so please eat before you come to church but feel free to bring your own water bottle or coffee with you. Please consider wearing a mask and please honor others by not hugging or touching anyone besides your family. We will continue having designating seating areas so please honor those as well.


In closing let me assure each of you that I am trusting the Lord with all my heart and leaning not on my own understanding. I asking Him to direct my paths using whatever means necessary! 

~Pastor Mike

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